Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Testing Kissflow To Create an Approval Process

I was really impressed with Kissflow ( which integrates with Google Apps ), a tool for running processes.  I'm working with lots of departments at the moment that are doing, or trying to improve their processes using Google Spreadsheets but this may offer a more complete solution.

It works like this....

First you design a form as if it was one big form for the entire process, with different sections. 

Next, you create a diagram of your workflow that can contain, approval requests, requests for more information, and queries. You can also create parallel processes and I liked the way you can create sub-process blocks.

At each stage you add the people who need to complete it.

The next step is to then sort of define who needs to see which bits of information at which stage.

 And finally you publish and initiate your process.

I have created one to request to create a new programme. It basically goes,

  1. Create a request
  2. Get approval to go ahead
  3. Check funding
  4. Broader consultation
  5. Final Sign off
  6. Notify everyone that needs to know it has been approved
And then once you initiate a request, people can participate either from a nice dashboard or from their email intray. I need to look into this further, but using the demo version, first run through, I like it.

Are there any other great tools that people are using to run quite complex processes?

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